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Yoga Block Cork

Size: 230 x 120 x 75 mm

Art.No.: 564018-01

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The yoga block cork - a traditional tool

The yoga block cork is a traditional yoga aid, which is supported by B.K.S. Iyengar was only made what it is today. Today, the yoga block is used in almost all - even non-traditional - yoga schools as a tool to support the exercise sequences. In meditations, a yoga block serves as a firm seat pad.

The yoga block cork perfects your yoga practice

The yoga block cork helps you to bring more security into your yoga exercises. It brings you a little closer to the ground and helps you to perfect your alignment in the asanas. With the support of a yoga block cork, you can prevent injuries and incorrect posture. You can straighten your back, straighten your legs, and much more. There are countless possible uses. By turning the yoga block you have the opportunity to adjust the block in height and width to your individual needs.

The properties of the yoga block cork

Our yoga block cork is a natural product and is made from tightly pressed bark of the cork oak. The cork block is very robust and durable. The surface is sanded and the open pores of the cork make it grippy and non-slip. The rounded edges give you additional support and give you even more security, even in demanding asanas.

    Size: 230 x 120 x 75 mm
    Weight: approx. 380 grams
    Made from natural cork
    Rounded edges
    Easy to clean
    Price per piece

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