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Yoga Bolster Raja

Size 65 x Ø 22 cm

Art.No.: 147580

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    Lotus Design

    Our cuddly, round Yoga Bolster RAJA

    Our round bolster is ideal to support you in various Asanas, ensuring that you can relax without straining your body too much. Stretching will become easier and you won’t risk to ask too much of yourself. Our “Raja” bolster can also be used for sitting.

    Who can use our Bolster?

    Not only for Yoga, but also for Pilates and Meditation can our Bolster be of great help. It provides maximum support when you use it i.e. in Shavasana and place it under your back in order to increase the relaxing effect and also open your Heart Chakra. In addition, it can be used as a seating cushion when you practise sitting on your heels and place it between your bottom and lower legs. This will release tensions in your spine and will leave you feeling supported and relaxed.  Furthermore, our cushion can also be used in children’s Yoga for lying or seating positions. Its cotton filling makes it soft and cuddly.

    A high quality Yoga tool

    Our Yoga Bolster is a hard-wearing tool which will fully convince you because of its high quality finishing. It comes in four different Indian patterns which originate in Rajasthan. With the help of a zipper, the cover can be easily taken off and washed.

    The advantages of our Yoga Bolster

    We only use high-quality cotton canvas for this bolster. The inlet is separable and filled with pure cotton which is smooth and will adjust to your seating or lying position. Our bolster will help you find your postures in a relaxed way without tension.

    A dash of colour and an eye-catcher

    The fabrics we chose for our “Raja” Yoga Bolster makes it an eye-catcher and a dash of colour in your Yoga Studio. There is also a bright, colourful tassel with a small mirror and bell that comes along with it which is traditionally used in Rajasthan to decorate animals for festivities. Please note that there are also meditation cushions, neck rolls and meditation mats in our range that are made of the same fabrics and hence can be wonderfully combined with our Bolster.

    • Round Yoga Bolster
    • Length: approx. 65 cm
    • Diameter: approx. 22 cm
    • Cover: cotton canvas with colourful tassel
    • With zipper and washable at 30 °C
    • Inlet: cover and filling pure cotton
    • Available in four different colours

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