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Yoga Towel

The ideal yoga mat pad, if you do not want to practice on a foreign yoga mat

A yoga towel - the perfect companion for powerful yoga styles

A yoga towel can enrich your yoga practice immensely. Especially if you practice sweaty styles like hot or brikram yoga. Due to its properties specially tailored to yoga, a yoga towel offers significant advantages over a normal towel.

A yoga towel ensures non-slip properties

With its pimpled structure, the yoga towel ensures absolute slip resistance and thus helps you to walk steadfastly and safely through every challenging asana.

A yoga towel absorbs sweat

Our yoga towels are made of velor-like material, so-called microfiber, and are therefore absolutely absorbent. Sweat is reliably absorbed.

A yoga towel to complement your yoga mat

The Yoga Towel is the perfect addition to all of our yoga mats. Compared to other towels, the slip resistance of this towel increases when absorbing moisture and sweat. Therefore, it is the ideal hygienic mat for yoga forms such as Ashtanga or Hot Yoga.

Always at hand and as a supplement to the large yoga towel, we offer you the small "Yoga Towel-Quick Dry small" of the same quality. So you can quickly dry your hands or feet during yoga. The yoga towel and all yoga towels are machine washable and tumble dry.