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Yoga Wheel

With the yoga wheel you have an effective yoga tool to deepen your yoga exercises on the yoga mat.

With our new Yoga Wheel on the Yoga Mat

Yoga wheel is a useful and effective tool to stretch and open the chest, shoulders or back. It can at the same time serve to promote balance, strength and flexibility, and to deepen the yoga exercises on the yoga mat.

Stability at a reasonable price

The Yoga Wheel is made of solid plastic and does not give up when stressed. This means that you cannot stretch your body in certain asanas, as is the case with a flexible yoga bolster. The back muscles and the fascia are massaged and stretched by their own body weight. On the outside, it is coated with a PVC layer which prevents slipping on the floor or on the yoga mat.

Stretching wants to be learned

Please note that before and during the use of this Yoga wheel, you will always have an experienced person or a yoga teacher to assist you. For the stretching of one's own body and its muscles requires exercise and is not to be learned from today to tomorrow.