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Yoga Clothes

With the yoga collection from Mandala, we offer you yoga clothing that is made sustainably from organic and recycled materials. Almost 20 years of experience guarantee fashionable & innovative yoga fashion with a perfect fit.

Yoga clothing for an intensive and pleasant yoga practice

Are you looking for a new yoga outfit but can't decide? We'll show you which looks are trendy right now and how you can wear this sustainable yoga clothing. All fabrics used are produced in a particularly resource-saving manner and consist of renewable raw materials or recycled materials. They are elastic, breathable and modern cut.

Mandala's yoga collection is made from sustainable organic and recycled materials. Through fair and ethical production, mandala ensure that neither humans nor animals are harmed.

MANDALA is Germany's first yoga label. With almost 20 years of experience, they design fashionable and innovative yoga fashion with a perfect fit.

Organic cotton produced in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way

Cotton is a very robust natural fiber with a soft skin feel. It is particularly breathable, elastic and supports the natural skin function.

The yoga clothing offered here is almost exclusively made of organic cotton that is certified. Organic cotton does not use chemical fertilizers and pesticides and protects the environment.

The bio-based polyamide used is made from the renewable raw material of the castor bean plant. So this fabric is a sustainable and innovative alternative to conventional polyester. The production is particularly water-saving and environmentally friendly.

The polyester used is made from recycled plastic bottles and thus protects the resource petroleum.

The modal used is made from Austrian beech wood and is biodegradable. The CO2-neutral production is energy and resource saving.

The material has a silky sheen and a soft feel. It is very elastic and breathable and therefore ideal for sportswear.

During your yoga practice - gloves and yoga socks

Then there are yoga socks and gloves. For all those who want an extra portion of grip on their mat.