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Yoga Bras

Here you will find yoga bras in many different colors and patterns, our yoga tops are the perfect addition to your yoga outfit.

Yoga bras offer support in every one of your movements

By combining the latest in high-tech, eco-friendly fabric with expert design, we’ve designed a range of yoga bras that give you high functionality and a perfect fit. So when we say that our yoga bras hold you in place while you practise, we really mean it. No pinching, squashing or slipping, just super-comfortable support that you can rely on. Our sports bras look beautiful too, and feel great alone or under one of our yoga tops – even a tank that already has an integrated support bra.

The Right Fit Is The Key

Our colorful selection of Yoga Bras are designed with a large input of feminine instinct; without fail - every type of woman will find them comfortable to wear. Our Yoga Bra with its flexible and supple fabric supports the bust in the right places without tweaking or edging in. The bra is available in various colors and styles and is the perfect match for enhancing your Yoga outfit, regardless of whether you practice intensively on the yoga mat or more passively on the meditation cushion.

Double Holds Better? But Not In This Case

... as nothing is more cumbersome than a Yoga Bra slipping uncomfortably when doing a headstand, we have developed a special fit, which can be worn singly as well as wonderfully combined with our built-in Yoga Top Support Bra without any noticeable difference.
Due to its playful, trendy style, our attractive Yoga Bra definitely is an alternative for your Yoga Top:

Feminine design
Ideal fit
Flexible and supple fabrics for greater freedom of movement
High-quality, breathable fabric

Right Fabric For Yoginis

Everyone likes it a bit different, especially a pleasant skin feeling. And that is just as well. By wearing a garment out of organic cotton or Polyester from recycled plastic bottles,you surely protect the environment with our product. Due to resource-saving and fair production as well as biological and sustainable substances, our Yoga Bra not only gives you a comfortable, secure feeling, but in combination with its functionality and sophisticated, feminine appearance make this bra a “must have”.

How To Take Care Of Your Yoga Bra

Wash our Yoga Bra out of organic cotton only with 30 degrees Centigrade, we recommend using the fine-wash program of your washing machine to protect the delicate fabric. Light-colored garments should be washed individually or only together with other light colors.

Wash our Recycled Polyester Yoga Bra with 30 degrees Centigrade using the fine-wash program of your washing machine. Do not use fabric softener or dryer. For Yoga Bras with integrated pads, we recommend removing them before washing, which is very easy to do, due to small openings on the inside.