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You are looking for a non slip yoga mat? We offer a large variety of different types of yoga mats in PVC, TPE and natural rubber. Here you will find your perfect yoga mat.

If you are looking for a yoga mat

No matter if you are a fresh beginner or an experienced yogi or yogini, you can find yoga mats you are looking for here, in the best of Lotus Design quality. Because we know, for the yoga practice to be healthy and enjoyable, the choice of the right yoga mat is crucial. And we would like to assist you in this process.

You can find a yoga mat suitable for your practice as we have a large selection of different types of yoga mats for all common yoga styles like Bikram yoga, Iyengar yoga, Asthanga yoga, Hatha Yoga and more.

Before you start your search, please consider answering the following questions:

    How often will you use your yoga mat?
    Do you go to the yoga studio regularly or do you practice yoga more occasionally? What kind of yoga do you practice?
    For Ashtanga Yoga, for example, you should buy a different yoga mat than for Yin Yoga.
    Do you sweat a lot during the yoga practice?
    Do you value natural materials like cotton, virgin wool or jute?
    How much do you want to spend on your new yoga mat?
    Should your new mat be slip-resistant?

If you are aware of the points, mentioned above, you will quickly find your new yoga mat with optimal slip resistance quality. However, the slip resistance does not always say anything about the quality of a yoga mat. Depending on the style of yoga you practice, it may well be that a cheaper yoga mat with a good price-performance ratio will meet your demands for grip and stability. In dynamic yoga styles, however, it is certainly an advantage to use an absolutely non-slip and durable mat, which should also be a bit more expensive. In more gentle yoga styles it is usually sufficient to use a soft and warming yoga mat made of virgin wool or a soft gymnastic mat.

We at Lotus Design pay special attention to two essential points when choosing the yoga mats for our store: functionality and sustainability. The most beautiful yoga mat can lead to frustration if it does not deliver what it promised.  So we are here to offer you only top yoga mats that you will have fun with and train safely and comfortably for a long time.

“Trend” yoga mat: perfect for beginners

The yoga mat “Trend” is also described as ECO PVC and ranks among the most basic and slip resistant yoga mats offered at an attractive price. This durable yoga mat is also perfect for the beginners. It is made of PVC, has a nub structure, is stretchable and useable on both sides. This mat is characterized by remarkably good damping properties. Out of a variety of different colors and two options of thicknesses, you can buy these nice and budget-friendly mats in our online-shop. The printed version with a mandala pattern is also available at our store. This exceptional design makes this yoga mat very special and is a real eye catcher in every yoga studio.

For transportation and storing your PVC yoga mat we recommend one of our mat bags, which you can find in various versions under the category mat bags in our Lotus Design online-shop.

“Oeko-Tex” yoga mat – ideal for advanced yogis

Our yoga mat in Oeko-Tex quality is a quite hard-wearing high-quality yoga mat. Yoga mats of this class are an indispensable part of the yoga equipment of every high performing yoga studio. The absolute sturdy PVC material of this mat is especially suitable for more intense yoga styles – such as Iyengar and Ashtanga – where the yoga mat is particularly strained. You can find these high preforming yoga mats in our online shop in different sizes, colors and thickness options. This exceedingly long-lasting mat does have the Oeko-Tex 100 label. So, you can be sure there will be no skin irritations even under the sweatiest of the yoga asanas. If you are looking for a yoga mat that meets the highest demands, you can safely choose this one.

„TPE“ yoga mat – ecofriendly and for advanced yoga practitioners

Our yoga mat TPE is made out of biodegradable material. These yoga mats are characterized with their excellent product properties, cherished by many yoga practitioners – namely they are soft and especially slip-resistant. Another advantage is its two-colored surface which is usable on both sides. The surface of this particular yoga mat is a bit more sensitive compared to other studio yoga mats. Therefore, we generally recommend not to use the TPE yoga mats for more intensive yoga styles while the material can be easily stressed. If you are looking for a yoga mat with especially pleasant feel and attractive look, you will be happy with buying TPE yoga mat.

„Yoga mat Eco-Grip“ – a real „Rolls Royce“ among yoga mats

Our yoga mats made out of natural rubber are a perfect example for the compatibility of highest demands of functionality and environmental sustainability in the production of yoga mats. We are pleased to offer this high quality yoga mat in our oline-shop. Its surface, soft and pleasant to touch, is characterized with the high slip resistance. It means that even when performing ambitious yoga asanas, you will always experience a good standing and grip. More details on the exceptional features and elaborate manufacturing of this natural rubber yoga mat you can find in the respective article. If you are looking for a mat with both high performance and eco-friendly material, we recommend buying this yoga mat.

“Yoga mat New Wool” – for soft and gentle yoga styles

If you stand for more gentle yoga styles then you might like to buy our yoga mat new wool. In our product portfolio, you find this beautiful und high-quality natural mat in two different sizes. Yoga mats new wool do have remarkable qualities due to their natural material. They can be used both as slip-resistant support as well as soft and pleasing padding, which protects you against rising cold from the floor during the relaxation phase of your yoga practice. This absolute high quality workmanship yoga mat has a surface made out of pure wool, shorn from living sheep. The mat's lower side is made of slip-resistant durable latex coating. For this new wool yoga mat you can find the fitting yoga bag in our yoga online shop. Thus your new wool yoga mat will be well protected on the way to the yoga studio as well as in your home. If you are you a fan of natural materials and more gentle yoga styles we highly recommend this yoga mat to you.

Lotus Design yoga mats: quality and sustainability

In manufacturing our yoga mats we focus mainly on quality and sustainability. In our yoga online shop portfolio we offer only the yoga mats coming from the manufactures whom we know personally and whose ways of manufacturing meet our highest demands. We pay special attention to long-lasting high quality materials, optimum functionality and precise match of colors. It is of utmost importance to us that you get your yoga mat from us at a good and fair price-performance ratio. It is no coincidence that since more than 30 years Lotus Design has been standing for quality and sustainability in the market for yoga mats and yoga accessories.