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SPIKE acupressure mat set

Size: 71 x 45 cm, Color: purple, anthracite

Art.No.: Y-351710

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  • 18-anthracite
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Lotus Design

Why an acupressure mat set

Our experience has shown that an acupressure mat promotes deep relaxation and can help relieve tension. Regular use of the mat can lead to more restful sleep and eliminate headaches. It makes use of the power of massage, stimulates many pressure points and nerve tracts in your body in a pleasant way and thus promotes blood circulation. With 192 plastic rosettes shaped like lotus blossoms, up to 4,800 pressure points are stimulated in the body. When you lie on the acupressure mat, the muscle fibers stretch and relax, the blood can flow more freely, and deep relaxation can ensue.
Thanks to several zippers, you can adjust the size of the acupressure mat set to treat different areas of the body. It can be easily folded up and transported.

Acupressure mat set easy to use

We recommend using the acupressure mat to stimulate the pressure points on the neck, back and feet. It can feel awkward and strange at the beginning of use. As you gradually increase the duration of the application, the natural blood flow in the body is stimulated, the muscles begin to relax, and you are comfortable.
At the beginning it may be useful to cover the upper body or the feet with a towel or socks. Over time you will get used to the intense stimulation of the pressure points. Little by little, your body will get used to the massage and reward you with relaxation and well-being.
Please avoid sudden and abrupt movements while using the acupressure mat, as the lotus flowers are sharp-edged and can injure the skin. Please note that the use of moles, warts, inflammations or open wounds is only possible to a limited extent. If necessary, consult your doctor before using the acupressure mat for the relief of health problems.

Care instructions for the acupressure mat set

To wash the cover of the acupressure mat, please pull out the inner coconut mat and wash the cover only by hand in cold or lukewarm water with environmentally friendly detergent. Use a soft brush to clean the lotus flowers. Please do not spin in the washing machine or tumble dry.

Material: cover made of 100% pure cotton,
192 lotus flowers made of ABS plastic, class 1,
Inlet made of 100% pure, pressed coconut fiber,
Nickel-free zippers
Size: 71 x 45 cm; divisible

Not in the washing machine or dryer
The size of the mat is sufficient for a height of up to 1.85 cm
Color: wine red, turquoise, purple, anthracite

Incl. User Guide

The use of the acupressure mat set can

promote deep relaxation
promote blood circulation
Release and reduce muscle tension
Help relieve stress and headaches
Help relieve back and neck pain
promote restful sleep
promote general well-being

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