SPIKE acupressure mat

Size: 41 x 68 cm, Color: wine red, turquoise, lilac, anthracite

Art.No.: Y-352710

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Acupressure can help relieve pain

Daily long periods of sitting in the chair in the office, long periods of standing, little physical movement and stress can lead to tension and other physical complaints in the head, neck and back area. Fatigue and sleep disorders can be the result. Classic massages can help relieve or even eliminate the pain. However, these treatment methods are lengthy as one session is not enough. An alternative or preventive treatment with the acupressure mat can support other forms of therapy and contribute to greater well-being in the long term.

Acupressure mat - natural massage made easy

If you lie with your back on the Shaktimat, the plastic rosettes, which act like needles, gently massage the upper part of the body with light movements and stimulate the blood circulation. The metabolism releases new energy in the body, you feel a pleasant warmth, which can lead to more relaxation and well-being at the same time.

Acupressure mat - an allrounder for daily use

With this vital mat you can stimulate the entire back area as well as the feet and massage the areas of your body which feel uncomfortable with light movements. If, after the daily routine, you integrate this needle mat into your daily routine like a meditation or yoga sequence for only 15 minutes, you will feel the benefits of this vital mat for some time after use. Since everyone reacts differently to this stimulating effect of the mat, it is best to start with a short application period and then gradually increase it to up to 30 minutes; let yourself be guided by your personal sensations.

Properties of the acupressure mat

The acupressure mat consists of a foam mat with a removable cotton cover. It has plastic rosettes on one surface, which together act like a nail board. If the tips of the rosettes sting your skin too much the first time you use it, put a towel on the mat until your body gets used to this unfamiliar feeling.

Size: 45 x 65 cm
100% cotton cover
Foam ticking
Plastic rosettes
Washable by hand
Do not put into the washing machine or dryer
The size of the mat is sufficient for a height of up to 1.85 m
Color: wine red, turquoise, purple, anthracite

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