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Yoga Mat Jute

Would you like to train on a yoga mat made of natural material? Then the jute yoga mat may be the right one for you. Because it is non-slip, durable and sustainable.

Yoga mat jute - back to yoga roots

Yoga mats made of jute are tied closely to the yoga tradition in ancient India. For centuries jute was a preferred material for yoga mats in India. The advantages are obvious: A jute yoga mat is absolutely robust and durable, absorbs sweat and is therefore non-slip.

However, yoga mats made of 100% jute are relatively rough and are often not perceived as very comfortable today.

Jute yoga mat - the mix of materials is important

Therefore, the advantages of the jute are combined with the comfort of modern materials. The mix of jute and PER - a biodegradable and therefore environmentally friendly form of classic PVC - gives the yoga mat jute a pleasant tactile feel and also cushions the mat. Jumps and arm balances are not a problem. It goes wothout saying that our jute yoga mats are tested for harmful substances according to Öko Text Standard 100.

In addition, a jute mat is a real alternative for many people who are allergic to rubber.

Jute yoga mat - ideal for all styles

A jute yoga mat absorbs sweat and remains absolutely non-slip. So you can safely take it to a Bikram or Ashtanga yoga class. But of course you can also practice classic hatha yoga or gentle styles such as yin yoga on a jute yoga mat as well.

Yoga mat jute - easy to clean and durable

You do not need much to maintain your jute yoga mat. It is best to wash it from time to time with a damp cloth, lukewarm water and some soap. Make sure that the mat does not get too wet so that it dries quickly.