Yoga Mat Natural Rubber

The yoga mat made of natural rubber is the perfect yoga mat not only for yoga beginners but also for advanced yogis. High-quality yoga mats made of natural rubber are the first choice for the environment as well.

If you are tired of sliding back and forth on your mat all the time and you are eager to fibe able to stand 100% safe in the downward-facing dog asana? Then we have the right yoga mat for you. A yoga mat made of natural rubber offers you absolute stability, even when you sweat a lot and perform challenging yoga asanas. In addition to absolute slip resistance, a natural rubber yoga mat offers you excellent cushioning. This can be an advantage not only for dynamic yoga flows, arm balances and jumps. It can also be great in gentle styles like Yin Yoga. A yoga mat made of natural rubber offers you a warm and soft base.

A convincing price-performance ratio

This Yoga Mat made of natural rubber is a great option for beginners, intermediate and advanced Yogis as its quality and finishing are convincing. Each yoga mat is two-coloured and each side has a slightly different structure- providing you with some extra grip. Its thickness of 5 mm makes it an option for various styles and levels. The polyester mesh in its core makes this mat extremely durable, plus the foamed material is flexible and can also absorb shocks.

A natural rubber mat - not only for beginners

If you are a “Yoga Newbie” and in search for a high-quality mat which is slip-proof and made of natural rubber we are sure that this yoga mat will answer your demand. It inherits all properties that make up a good Yoga mat, has a strong grip and its length of 183 cm makes it an option for many Yogis.

A natural rubber mat does not require much care to accompany you for many years on your yoga path. The smell of natural rubber, which is a little stronger at the beginning due to the production process, disappears after a short time.

An environmentally-friendly alternative

This mat is a natural product. The caoutchouc, or natural rubber, that we use comes from plantations in Asia and South America where the caoutchouc is extracted from the milk of the caoutchouc tree. Through a special process of vulcanisation, this liquid is transformed into solid material and the result is a Yoga mat like ours. This also means that natural rubber mats are free of phthalate (chemical plasticisers) and can be used by Yogis of all ages. Our mats are manufactured on the island of Taiwan by companies with years of experience that are regularly tested on health-hazarding substances by the SGS-Institute.

An easy-care option

A natural rubber yoga mat also needs to be taken care of, just like any other Yoga mat - only good care ensures that it will be a lasting pleasure and companion. After finishing your sweaty practise, we suggest to clean your mat with a damp cloth, remove any stains and spread it out on a chair or your balcony to dry. This way, your mat will not absorb inconvenient smells and its natural rubber smell which is always strongest in the beginning will leave shortly. Please refrain from putting your mat in your washing or drying machine - doing so would spoil the natural level of moisture which makes the mat smooth and flexible and in contrast turn it brittle.