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Yoga Mat PVC

With a yoga mat made of PVC, you get a starter yoga mat, which is looking for the same in price and performance. Non-slip, stretchy, odorless and free from softeners, a PVC mat supports your yoga taster course.

PVC yoga mat - best value for money

Our PVC yoga mats are non-slip yoga mats and are also known as sticky mats or yoga mats ECO PVC. There are non-slip and safe to use in health.

These classic yoga mats are ideal for people who are ready to begin yoga. They have a pimpled surface and are sufficiently shock-absorbing due to the thickness of four millimeters, which makes it particularly suitable for demanding yoga exercises. An inner fabric makes these PVC yoga mats stretchy and tear resistant.

Anti-slip yoga mat for beginners

Please note, that there is no absolutely slip-proof yoga mat. Even the world-wide highly praised slippery yoga mats are not suitable for every yoga trainer. Every guy is different says the Cologne people  and so we mean that each man has a different sweat behavior and reacts differently to yoga mats materials. Therefore, it is quite possible that when practicing in the yoga studio, their perspiration or the moisture on their skin react differently to the grip of their PVC yoga mat than is the case with their neighbors, even though they have the same yoga mat. This makes it clear that when they stay with yoga, they also have to bring patience in their search for their perfect and slip-proof yoga mat. The offer in the www is varied; at the yoga studio they can ask other yoga trainees about their experiences with their yoga mats.

Eco-friendly yoga mat Eco PVC

These PVC yoga mats are tested according to the strict guidelines of the SGS. This ensures that neither the AZO dyes nor DOP or heavy metals have been used or used in the materials used and in the production process. In addition, our yoga mats made of PVCare free from plasticizers, so-called phthalates.

How to take care of a PVC yoga mat

Before using, we recommend wiping the yoga mat with a damp cloth, as a safe, light film may be present on the surface.You can wash the yoga mat at 30 degrees in the washing machine and hang it to dry. Do not use the spin cycle as the material is subjected to unusual pressure by  the spinning process. The foamed PVC is not sucking in its structure. Therefore, the yoga mat can be easily air-dried.