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PVC Yoga Mat Mandala

Size: 183 x 61 cm; 4,5 mm

Art.No.: 341746

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  • 111-Aubergine
  • 113-Petrol
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Lotus Design

A Yoga Mat for Body, Mind and Soul

A mandala is not an asana you practice in yoga - it is a helpful tool that can both calm down and relax your body. It is capable of shifting your mind’s focus on what is essential and hence lead the soul to a feeling of balance and content.

Non-slipping surface both in the studio and at home

With this yoga mat you will always have a mandala with you. It can help you focus and relax at the same time during your practice sequences and asana postures, either at your yoga studio or at home. The image representation of OM will shift your awareness to the essential - to breathing and to relaxation. Thus, you will be able to stay centered and following the flow of your breath. Our Mandala Yoga Mat aims to help you stay focused on yourself during your practice and will turn into a helpful and important companion on your yoga journey.

A high-quality Yoga Mat

The quality standards of this eco-PVC yoga mat are the same as the ones of our yoga mat trend which stands out for its high quality at affordable price. The PVC we use for this mat is tested for its ingredients, furthermore it is non-slippery, elastic, shock-absorbing and 4.5 mm thick. It is also suitable for beginners.

Properties of our Yoga Mat Mandala

  • the eco-PVC is phthalate-free
  • colour: aubergine
  • size: 183 x 61 cm
  • weight: approx. 1.3 kg
  • thickness: approx. 4.5 mm
  • wash separately and hand wash only please;
  • do not tumble dry the yoga mat mandala

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