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Yoga Mat TPE

With the yoga mat TPE, you choose a high-quality yoga mat, which is deliberately produced in the environment, offers a pleasant non-slip surface and can be rolled up with little weight into each of our yogat pockets. Try it.

The light weight of a yoga mat

Our TPE yoga mat is a lightweight among yoga mats with a weight of just under 1000 grams and a thickness of almost 6mm.  The TPE yoga mats have a soft surface and very good damping. TPE is foamed plastic, which has a flexible and almost tearproof fabric as a middle layer.

A yoga mat of TPE is made without latex. It is more environmentally friendly than a PVC yogamat and is produced with less energy. The durability of this pleasant yoga mat is somewhat less, however, it depends on the use and nature of the yoga practiced.

Eco-balance of the TPE Yoga mat

Thermoplastic elastomers are plastics which are produced physically and without plasticizer and are also free from PVC and latex. However, they have very good properties which are becoming more and more similar to PVC and rubber due to improvements in production. At the same time, a yogamat made of TPE is at least as non-slip as a PVC yogamat. Due to the production process, this yoga mat is produced with much less energy and thus more environmentally friendly. In addition, a TPE yogamat is 100% biodegradable or recyclable.

TPE Yoga mat - allergy-free

Since a TPE yoga mat is produced without latex, cadmium and rubber, and these substances can generally cause allergies, the TPE yoga mats can be a good alternative for allergy sufferers.

This makes TPE yoga mats an alternative for people who get allergic reactions to yoga mats made of PVC or natural rubber.

A yoga mat for dynamic yoga

A big advantage of these yogamats is their low weight, despite a bigger thickness of approx. 6 mm. At the same time, this yogamat has good damping properties and high slip resistance.

Therefore, it is best suited for all dynamic yoga styles such as Power Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga or Jivamukti Yoga. It si also suitable for yin yoga as well as a more occasional yoga practice.