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Yoga Mat Wool

You want to buy a yoga mat wool cheaply on the Internet? Then you have the right choice here. Of course you can also find the mat bag for the yoga mat wool here in this yoga shop.

Yoga Mat Wool

Yoga Mat Wool

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Yoga mat of pure wool

Th yoga mat wool with latex back makes practicing on the yoga mat comfortable and very pleasant. The wool has the natural property of reflecting your own body warmth immediately, so that you will get very warm feeling, especially in lying positions on a yoga mat wool.

Scheep wool mat - a sustainable product

This property has been used by man for thousands of years, without resources being exhausted. The Scheep wool is a natural waste product. The live animals are discharged every spring of their annoying winterfell, which would normally only lose them very slowly in a natural way.

The bottom of the yoga mat wool is also made from a renewable raw material. The wool is interwoven with a cotton fabric and has a ribbed latex back on the underside. This makes the yoga mat wool extremely non-slip.

yoga mat wool in excellent quality

When shopping the yoga mat from wool we pay attention to quality. Our wool yoga mat is made in Europe. The Sheep wool has been thoroughly cleaned beforehand and still retains its natural fluffiness. As a result, the heat in the yoga mat wool can be conveniently stored.

No foreign substances are added to the washed wool so that the naturally contained wool fat lanolin is retained.