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Yoga Rug

Yoga Rug - an all-natural Yoga Mat

Do you prefer natural fabrics over synthetic ones? Do you wish to practise Yoga in an authentic way, just like it is done in India? In this case, a Yoga Rug made of pure cotton is exactly what you are looking for. This Rug is what traditionally has been and still is being used as an underlay for Yoga today- the most authentic option for your practise, so to say. It is made of pure thick, robust cotton and hence it is very hard-wearing. Our YOGA RUG consists of 100% cotton, is an eco-friendly, natural alternative, bio-degradable and free from PVC.

An underlay for the more soft Yoga styles

Today, there is a great variety of Yoga schools and Yoga styles even in Europe. There are more challenging traditions like Iyengar-Yoga but also softer versions like Tibetan Kum Nye Yoga. Our rug is especially convenient for softer practises.

Our cotton rug as your daily companion

If you purchase our cotton Yoga Rug to use it for your daily practise at home, you will find how it becomes smoother and smoother with every time you use it. It is also a helpful tool to support you in kneeling positions if you place it between your bottom and lower legs or as a cushion for your knees while sitting on your heels.

Properties of our Yoga Rug

You can wash our Yoga Rug separately in your washing machine at 30°C on a programme for delicate materials. Please remember that the natural material we use for this rug is prone to shrinking at higher temperatures. Any stains can easily be removed with a moist cloth and some mild soap. Our rug can easily be rolled together and stored and thanks to its light weight it is also your ideal companion to be taken along to the studio or on vacation.

Cotton is known to be able to absorb a lot of liquid and hence also perfectly usable for more sweaty Yoga classes like Ashtanga or Hot Yoga - our Rug will remain slip-proof in spite of the moisture. You can also use our rug in combination with a PVC mat as an underlay to reduce any additional shifting.

  • 100% cotton, robust finishing
  • Size: 205 x 70 cm
  • Weight: approx. 1.4 kg
  • Thickness: approx. 10 mm
  • Colours of the fabrics might still bleed
  • Do not tumble dry; risk of shrinkage.