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Yoga Sets

Beginner’s set: Yoga mat, Yoga belt and Yoga block

A budget-friendly Yoga mat, a professional Yoga belt and a high-quality Yoga cork block together form the base you need to get started. You can also choose your favourite colour combination from a good variety of options.

The perfect set for Advanced Yogis

This set combines everything a more advanced Yogi might need for longer and more complex sessions: a robust, yet soft Yoga mat, a meditation cushion for your sitting meditation practise, a Yoga belt and block to support your stretching exercises and finally a lavender eye pillow for your Shavasana or final relaxation practise. All topped up with a drinking bottle to keep you hydrated and refreshed. 

Choose a set to save money

If you choose one of our Yoga sets, you will save up to 10 % compared to what you would spend if you bought all items separately.