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Indian Incense - Shambala

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Indian incense sticks Shambala support your meditation

With the help of Indian incense sticks you can become more aware of your breath during meditation. The scent opens your sense of smell and the breath flows deeper and becomes calmer. Your meditation can gradually deepen. Indian incense is often associated in our society with the scent of the Orient. But high quality Indian incense sticks, which are made of natural substances and are free of chemicals, smell unobtrusive and imperceptibly change the atmosphere in the room.

Incense sticks of different origin

In our assortment we have incense sticks with different origins from the Himalayan region of Tibet and India. The Tibetan incense sticks have a rather strong "dark", slightly woody smell. In contrast, the Indian incense sticks smell rather flowery fresh, sweetish and stimulating.

The incense sticks Shambala are recognized

Not sure which scent to choose or have never tried Indian incense sticks before? No problem! Then simply order our Indian incense stick set. This way you can try all the varieties at your leisure and test which Indian incense sticks you like best.

Made in India, but very Tibetan. Perhaps the best in this price range

Shambala, traditionally Tibetan incense, are hand-rolled from strongly spiced medicinal herbs and other valuable materials.

This combination of naturally scented substances makes Shambala popular and is recognized as one of the best incenses

you can get. Generally, Tibetan incense sticks are used for puja offering and purification, but it is also used as an air freshener.

Shambhala has a very subtle complex smell. The sticks have a low smoke emission, which can be an advantage in small rooms.

Long burning time, about 30 to 35 minutes.

Contents approx. 25 pieces, approx. 26 cm long

Made in India