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In Far Eastern traditions such as Buddhism, the lotus flower is a symbol of the fundamentally positive core of our humanity. No matter what we are or what we do, we all carry this inner richness within us. When the appropriate conditions - inner and outer - come together, this core of being can unfold in all its beauty, like the lotus that takes root in the mire and displays a flawlessly beautiful blossom on the surface of the water. 

The beauty of this inner potential is what inspires the Lotus Design brand. Lotus Design products are meant to be a tribute to this potential. They want to inspire to discover beauty within oneself, through the path of yoga and meditation. 


The Lotus Design brand emerged at the end of the 1980s from the "cushion project" of the Buddhist association Nyingma Zentrum Deutschland e. V. in Münster. Meditation cushions were sewn in the rooms of the association, filled with buckwheat husks and then sold to meditation centres and esoteric bookshops all over Germany. The proceeds were used, among other things, to help finance the association's house in Münster. 

Together with the small print shop of the Nyingma Centre, Dharma Druck- und Vertriebs GmbH was founded in 1994 and a commercial hall was rented in Altenberge near Münster. In January 1998, the trademark "Lotus Design" was registered in the trademark register. In 2000, the Nyingma Centre moved its headquarters to Cologne-Nippes. The operation of the print shop in Altenberge was discontinued. In 2006, Lotus Design moved to Pulheim near Cologne, then in 2018 to Cologne-Ehrenfeld. 


Since summer 2022, Lotus Design has belonged to the private company Lotus Works GmbH. We, the Lotus Works team - long-time employees of Lotus Design - continue to feel committed to the origin and spirit of Lotus Design. We continue to keep the connection to the Buddhist Nyingma Centre alive through cooperations, such as the books of the publishing house of the Nyingma Centre, which we offer here in our webshop.