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Meditation Cushion Bio-Classic YIN-YANG, anthracite-rose

The meditation cushion Bio Classic anthracite-rose in proven Lotus Design quality is two-coloured according to the YinYang principle with a beautiful tassel and made of robust organic fabric.

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Two-coloured Bio-Classic yoga cushion with all-round zip anthracite-rose

In everything Yin is also always Yang and vice versa. And so we can also experience this principle in yoga and meditation.

Yin-Yang are like shadow and light and so Yin represents the principle of passivity, tranquillity, the inner and in the superordinate the night, cold, darkness, the moon, the lower, matter. Yang, on the other hand, represents the principle of movement, activity, the outside and, in the superordinate, the day, warmth, brightness, the sun, the above, the dissipating.

Meditation cushions in BIO quality

According to this principle we have designed a new collection of meditation cushions in BIO-quality, which besides their actual function as seat cushions also unfold their very beautiful decorative character in the yoga studio or meditation room and are a great addition to almost any yoga mat. Using lightfast dyed organic fabrics in a classic design, these round meditation cushions also have something elegant and calming.

A meditation cushion BIO in simple, elegant chic

Especially for these organic canvas fabrics, we have chosen a round, classic meditation cushion with a circumferential zip as a seat cushion variant. Its shape underlines the simple, elegant and warm character of the organic fabrics used. The beautiful and handmade three-coloured tassel is in the same colour as the organic canvas fabrics used and playfully underlines the uniqueness and elegance of this meditation cushion, which also cuts a good figure as a solitaire in your meditation corner.

The features of the Meditation Cushion Bio-Classic YIN-YANG, anthracite-rose at a glance

- Robust fine canvas fabric in organic quality

- Diameter 30cm, height 15cm

- Cover with handle loop and all-round zip fastener

- Washable at 30°C

- Separate organic ticking with zip

- Organic buckwheat husk filling

- Weight approx. 2.5 kg

- Three-coloured tassel on the handle loop

- Available in 6 colour combinations