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Meditation Cushion Zafu ZEN 15cm, red

The meditation cushion Zafu in red, made of robust cotton twill, is the classic Zen cushion with kapok filling.

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A Zen cushion in red with stretch folds

Especially characteristic for this Zafu meditation cushion are the flat oval shape and the outer vertical stretch folds and the handle loop. This is what gives this Zafu meditation cushion its typical shape and makes it soft and flexible. Thus it is variable in height and adapts wonderfully to your sitting habits. This ensures a long sitting on the cushion in traditional meditation posture, no matter if you have just started meditating or if you are already advanced. When sitting in the knee heel position for a longer period of time, you should use a pure wool yoga mat or knee pads to protect your knees.

Meditation cushion Zafu is quality

The ZAFU seat cushion is a durable and long-lasting meditation cushion. The cotton twill cover made of pure cotton is very solidly processed, so that they will have long pleasure in this meditation cushion Zafu also used in yoga. A zipper on the bottom allows them to remove the filler from the Zafu Zen and adjust to their seating needs. A separate ticking ensures that they can remove the cover for washing.

A wide range of colors

Traditionally in Zen, the color chosen for this meditation cushion is black. But in other forms of relaxation, the Zafu is also popularly chosen in other colors, so they will easily find their favorite color as well. In combination with a color-coordinated Zabuton Zen, they have a wide range of design options for their meditation room.

The features of the meditation cushion ZAFU in red

The Zafu is designed for those people who want to comfortably practice a long meditation and have a flexible soft support with the Zafu cushion. The cover of the meditation cushion ZAFU has an incorporated handle loop for easy transport. The filling for this pillow can be freely chosen, from buckwheat hulls, as a rather firm and compact pillow, to kapok filling, as a rather soft and cuddly yoga pillow.

  •     Diameter Ø34 cm, height 15 cm
  •     Handle loop
  •     Zipper
  •     With separate ticking
  •     Filling with buckwheat hulls or kapok
  •     Cover washable at 30°C