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Neti Pot Mandala - mango

Ceramic with imprint

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Neti Pot Mandala for professional nasal rinsing

This beautiful, coloured nasal rinsing pot (Neti Pot) is used for efficient cleaning and care of the nose and throat area. Rinsing the nose with salt water is also called Jala Neti and belongs to the six yogic cleansing exercises, the so-called Shat Kriyas. The neti pots are made of elaborately glazed ceramic and are decorated with a mandala.

Nasal rinsing with warm salt water has a positive effect on the entire nasal area: dust, pollen and encrustations are loosened and rinsed away and the nasal mucosa is supported in its defence function. Regular use of the nasal rinsing pot can prevent respiratory diseases in a natural and gentle way and provide relief from blocked nose, colds or inflammation of the frontal and sinus cavities.

Cleansing the nose with the Neti Pot Mandala

To rinse the nose with the nasal rinsing pot, dissolve half a teaspoon of salt in 250 ml of warm water. Turn the head to one side and, bending over a washbasin, let the saline solution run from the upper nostril through the lower nostril. Then change sides.

For the saline solution, we recommend iodine-free, natural and fine-grained sea salt or rock salt. Alternatively, the nasal rinsing salt available in drugstores in ready-dosed delivery quantities is also suitable.