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Yogamat Cleaner

natural, organic - 2 sizes

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Yoga mat cleaner natural and organic certified

The bio-certified cleaner has been specially developed for non-slip yoga mats. It is easy to use and removes dirt, unpleasant smells and sweat from your yoga mat, giving it a new "shine". With the small bottle you always have the cleaner with its natural and nourishing ingredients at hand and you can effectively clean your yoga mat immediately after practicing. 95% of the ingredients in the wonderfully fresh-scented spray come from controlled organic cultivation, and the remaining 5% are purely natural. After use, the yoga mat cleaner dries very quickly on the yoga mat and does not leave any sticky residue. So the slip resistance of your yoga mat is well preserved.

• briefly hold the bottle upside down
• turn the spray head to the "spray" symbol
• Spray the cleaner evenly
• leave to act for a short time
• then wipe with a dry cloth
• Roll the yoga mat together after drying

Social project:

The bottles are stuck on as part of a social project by people with social disadvantage. Buying this product will help create and maintain jobs for these people.


The bottle (without cap) was not made from petroleum.


Variety: blood orange
Aqua **, ethanol *, 1-5% anionic surfactants ** (decyl glucoside **, xylose **), bio tensides **, blood orange oil *, bergamot oil *, lemon oil *, rosemary oil *, limonene ***.
* Organic, ** natural, *** part of pure essential oils

INGREDIENTS Variety: rosemary
Aqua **, ethanol *, 1-5% anionic surfactants ** (decyl glucoside **, xylose **), bio tensides **, rosemary oil *, lavandin oil *, 1.8 cineol ***.

* = Organic, ** = natural, *** = component of pure essential oils

Varieties: blood orange or rosemary
Sizes: 50 ml or 510 ml


Keep out of reach of CHILDREN.

Avoid contact with the eyes, otherwise rinse immediately with water and consult an ophthalmologist immediately.

If swallowed, consult a doctor immediately and show the product label.