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Yoga Wheel in white

Size: Ø 32 cm; width 13 cm

Product number: W12501032

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Yoga Wheel  - not just for Chakrasana

Meanwhile, the Yogarad or Yogawheel has arrived in Germany. In the United States, it has been developed to provide better support in the studio, but also at home during various yoga exercises, especially backward bending (chakrasana). With this aid, the practice of home alone is simplified; However, as with any new aids, you should start practicing with experienced yogal teachers.

In the meantime, there are many possibilities to use these aids in specific exercises. Whether in stretching exercises to solve tension, or to strengthen your own balance.

     Improves maneuverability
     Aids for stretching the chest and back
     Robust design
     Loadable up to 140 kg
     Weight: 1.3 kg
     Measurements: diameter 32 cm, width 13 cm
     Color: Plastic white - TPE black; Plastic - TPE black