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Pillow Organic New Wool

In 3 different sizes

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Our pure new wool pillows are filled with 100% organic pure new sheep's wool.

For a long time, people have appreciated the quality of naturally grown pure new wool and the moisture-regulating and breathable properties of pure new sheep's wool, without losing sight of animal welfare.
New wool has the property of being cooling in summer and warming in winter. This is why virgin sheep's wool is also often used in sleeping pillows, as it can release and dry the stored moisture when the sleeping pillow is aired out during the day.

Pure new sheep's wool is naturally good

The wool we use comes from live animals, it is washed and gently cleaned without the use of chemicals and then dried. It is then processed into small balls, which allows the wool to retain its natural bulkiness. This type of processing preserves the natural lanolin content of the new wool. It is also responsible for the typical but natural smell of new wool, which is also inherent in the new wool we use.

Pure new wool pillows free of chemicals

Only chemical cleaning, which we do not want, can eliminate this smell, which disappears after a short time. So our pure new wool pillows are natural and free from unnecessary chemicals and bleaching agents. They are also naturally odour and dirt repellent. New wool is also moisture-regulating and can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture, thus ensuring a particularly pleasant dry and warm sleeping climate.

The properties of the pillow organic new wool at a glance

  • soft, cuddly and dimensionally stable
  • heat-storing and breathable
  • self-cleaning
  • virgin wool balls from purely organic animal farming
  • organic cotton ticking

You can wash the pillow tick at up to 40 degrees. Please do not wash the virgin wool filling. It would mattify and lose its natural self-cleaning effect.

Our pillows with organic virgin wool filling are manufactured in recognized German workshops for people with disabilities. With the purchase of a pillow, you are not only doing something good for yourself, you are also supporting people who have a little more difficulty in the general job market.

40 x 40 cm ca. 0,38 kg
40 x 60 cm ca. 0,65 kg
40 x 80 cm ca. 0,90 kg