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My first meditation class

Sitting still, feeling your body and breath, letting your thoughts flow - meditation needs to be learned and requires practice. The exciting thing about meditation is that even though you are sitting very still, a lot is happening inside you. Meditation has a lot of positive effects on body and mind - guaranteed! So that you are well prepared for your first meditation session, we have put together three products to help you get started.

-20 % Meditation Cushion Bio-Classic YIN-YANG, light grey-green
Meditation Cushion Bio-Classic YIN-YANG, light grey-green

1. Meditation cushions

A straight back and yet a relaxed posture. To combine these two important factors, a meditation cushion, called a zafu in Japanese, is the perfect support. The inclination of the hips and the straightening of the spine change not only the physical but also the mental posture. Our meditation cushion Basic helps you to focus on your practice and is also a beautiful seat.

2. Meditation mats

Traditional, soft meditation mats are also called zabuton in Japanese. The meditation mat is the perfect complement to the meditation cushion. Our Zabuton Zen support sitting in meditation by providing a soft additional support for knees and legs. Together with our meditation cushions, they create a lot of space for a pleasant silence and thus make your meditation place complete.

Meditation Mat YIN-YANG Cotton, green
Meditation Mat YIN-YANG Cotton, green
Ayurvedic incense sticks - Peace
Ayurvedic incense sticks - Peace

3. Incense sticks

Ayuvedic incense sticks help you to find your way even deeper into meditation and are an experience for all the senses. The scents of high-quality herbal blends accompany you on your journey and turn your meditation corner into a very special place.