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Quilted Organic Kapok Pillow

In 3 different sizes

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Who is a quilted organic kapok pillow suitable for?

The organic kapok pillow is suitable for all those people who prefer a vegan pillow without animal fibres. If you like to "cuddle" your pillow, but still appreciate a firmer lying feeling, then this pillow is exactly the right one for you. It is soft and cuddly and you can adjust the filling to your lying habits by removing it. To keep a sleeping pillow with kapok filling for a long time, it doesn't need much care. Simply shake out the pillow regularly and air it out from time to time.
The outer cover will give slightly due to the puffy cotton fleece inside and the head will be comfortably soft.

What does a kapok pillow do?

Kapok is a very light hollow fibre with a high air content. For this reason it is extremely breathable and insulates heat. The fibre is naturally covered with a wax layer and is therefore well suited to transporting moisture, thus ensuring a dry sleeping climate.

The advantages of a quilted organic kapok pillow - sustainable, comfortable and durable

Due to its natural bulkiness, kapok is an excellent filling material for sleeping pillows and kapok pillows. Kapok is a sustainable, durable and water-repellent natural product. The kapok fibre is a hollow fibre in which the enclosed air can warm up wonderfully. The kapok fibre has a natural wax layer, which is why the fibre absorbs almost no moisture. The kapok fibre is mainly made of cellulose and has a natural bitter substance that is said to have a pest-repellent effect. This can reduce mite or vermin infestation, which in turn can be beneficial for allergy sufferers.
The features of the kapok sleeping pillow with quilted outer cover
The cotton quilted cover is made of 100% organic cotton eco-percale, unbleached and washable at 30°C. It is quilted with 100% organic cotton fleece (approx. 300 g/m²).
The filling of our organic pillows is in a separate inner cover with zip, which is also made of eco-percale, 100% organic cotton. This makes it easy to remove and add filling material and allows you to loosen or replace the filling by hand from time to time. You can easily remove the quilted outer cover without the loose filling material falling out and having to store it separately when washing the outer cover. You also have the option of adjusting the filling quantity and thus the height and volume of the cushion individually to your lying preferences. From time to time you can also replace the fillings with fresh new fibres.

How to care for your kapok sleeping pillow with quilted outer cover
Air out your new sleeping pillow regularly after use and loosen the filling from time to time. This way, your sleeping pillow and its filling can release the moisture stored overnight back into the room air, dry out and regenerate. This also preserves the natural bulkiness of the fibres for a long time.

Washing the kapok sleeping pillow with quilted outer cover
You can wash the quilted pillowcase with cotton in the washing machine at 30°C. Please make sure that the washing machine temperature is not too high. Please make sure that the washing drum is not too full so that the outer cover can move freely on all sides. The inner pillow cover can also be washed at 30°C without the filling.

Drying the kapok sleeping pillow with quilted outer cover
Please spin dry and dry the quilted outer cover only on the gentle cycle. Excessive mechanical action on the cover with its quilted fleece can lead to warping and clumping of the quilted fleece. It is better to pull the outer cover into shape after the wash cycle with the zip closed and dry it lying down. This protects the inner fleece and keeps its shape.

The organic sleeping pillow with quilted outer cover in brief:

  • 100% kapok fibre filling, wild grown, breathable and heat insulating.
  • Quilted cover made of 100% organic cotton eco-percale with zip fastener
  • Organic cotton fleece approx. 300 g/m²
  • Inner cover made of 100% organic cotton eco-percale with zip
  • Dimensions: 40x40cm, 40x60cm, 40x80cm
  • Care: quilted cover without inner cushion machine washable at 30°C
    Inner cover without filling machine washable at 30°C
  • The filling quantity can be varied
  • Handmade in Germany; Made by people with disabilities

40 x 40 cm approx. 0.70 kg
40 x 60 cm approx. 1,10 kg
40 x 80 cm approx. 1.35 kg