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Sage + Palo Santo Fragrance Blend

warm, woody & protective - 10 ml

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Achieve security and inner peace 

According to tradition, this blend of Californian white sage and Palo Santo purifies your aura and you can achieve more security and inner peace with essential oil blend for diffuser. The aroma can increase your good vibes and help you connect with the divine.

This blend leaves a light, pleasant scent that gently diffuses throughout the room, leaving you feeling calm and empowered.

The unique scent of sage keeps the air fresh and neutralises unpleasant odours. It also has an uplifting effect, encourages and gives new strength.

Palo Santo develops its characteristic scent when sprayed, which is warm-woody and slightly sweet with a hint of coconut.

Application: in the fragrance lamp, in living rooms and lounges, reception, offices, yoga room, etc.