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Incense Sand

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Incense Sand - Incense on Coal

Incense sand is ideal for filling all types of incense burners. Incense sand prevents the censer from sticking together with liquid resin. Thanks to the ventilation from below, smoked sand supports the even burning of smoked coal.

Contents: approx. 200 gr.

The smoked sand is a good base for the smoked coal. It insulates the bowl from its heat. By using incense sand, the coal on the incense burner can burn more evenly. The heat is distributed evenly. The sand protects the shell from heating and thus prevents jumping. In addition, it protects against contamination from resin residues. This makes the incense burner or the incense burner easier to clean. A clean container is a good prerequisite for a clear, unadulterated smoking ceremony. Therefore, the sand should be changed more often.