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Mood-lifting aroma blend

fresh, fruity & harmonising - 5 ml

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Mood-lifting aroma blend

Like a ray of sunshine that falls directly into the heart. The fresh, tart-sweet natural aroma blend with orange blossom is a comforting companion that brightens the mood and adds a very special glow to mundane hours as well as festive occasions.

A fragrance that gives the mood a little boost - over to the sunny side of life!

A gentle, round and extremely cheerful fragrance that puts you in a good mood. Whenever the mood needs a little boost. Or simply for the sheer joy of life.

With 100% natural essential oils (orange, jasmine, neroli, ylang ylang, bergamot and others).

Use: in the fragrance lamp, in living rooms and lounges, reception areas, offices, etc.

Swiss Made