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Room spray Sage + Sandalwood

earthy, woody & harmonising - 10 ml

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Sage + Sandalwood Room Spray calms the mind.

Calm your mind with an aromatic blend of white sage and essential sandalwood. The aroma is calming, soothing and has a harmonising effect. This blend leaves a light, pleasant fragrance that gently diffuses throughout the room, leaving a feeling of calm and strength.

The unique scent of sage provides fresh air and neutralises unpleasant odours. It also has an uplifting effect, gives courage and gives new strength.

The scent of sandalwood captivates with its sweet note, which is rounded off by an earthy-woody scent. This unique fragrance can have a stimulating and calming effect on body, mind and soul.


Contents - 100 ml; blend of essential oils, plant-based, environmentally friendly, Aqua DM, paraben-free preservative. 

For spraying in living rooms, reception areas, offices, yoga rooms etc. When you activate the sprayer, you will notice the pleasant warm, woody scent. Use the spray anywhere you want to smell a completely natural fragrance in your environment.