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Scented Stone Flower - ceramic white

Size: ca. ø 7,5 cm, Height ca. 2,5 cm

Product number: R39201000

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Scented Stone Flower - Ceramic white

This beautiful fragrance stone not only has the raised outline of OM, but also a beautiful glazed coaster.

This aroma stone diffuser consists of two ceramic parts: The base is high-fired and therefore oil and water resistant; the drag part is porous and easily absorbs oil or water.


Put 3 or 4 drops of essential oil on the top part. The porous stone absorbs the oil and spreads its aroma for several days. Or pour some scented liquid into the bottom. The porous stone absorbs the liquid and spreads its aroma for several days. Do not use essential oil for this method. Use only alcohol/water-based fragrance liquids.

With its handy shape and beautiful design, it looks good in any room. Treat yourself to moments for yourself!

Suitable for scenting yoga and seminar rooms or meditation corners.