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Sun Salutation - Organic Room Spray

sunny-fruity, balancing - 75 ml

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Sun Salutation - Organic Room Spray

Gently embraced by the sunny, fruity aroma of aroma yoga, benzoin, the inner OM resounds and a deep inhalation provides pleasant relaxation and the necessary balance to enjoy relaxing hours or a soothing yoga practice. Can also be used as a cleaning spray for the yoga mat. Namasté!

With 100% pure natural essential oils (benzoin, vanilla extract, ginger, mandarin, etc.)

Conjure well-being into your yoga studio, fitness center or into your apartment with this lovely, sweet and long-lasting fragrance. The scent of benzoin is said to envelop our hearts in warmth, give security and free us from nervousness.

The benzoin warms our heart and reduces nervousness

Aroma yoga with benzoin, organic room spray, 75ml

Bio alcohol, natural essential oils. Vegan

Swiss Made