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Comfort Knee Pad, black

in various colours

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Comfort knee pads in black for yoga and meditation

These knee pads not only relieve the knee joints during strenuous yoga and meditation exercises. These knee pads are filled with buckwheat hulls and relieve the pressure on the knees in the sitting meditation posture. The knee pads can also prevent you from sliding forward when you are sitting slightly elevated cross-legged on a meditation cushion. Robust 100% cotton twill with zip available in 5 appealing colour variations. The buckwheat husk filling adapts ideally to the shape of your knees and supports a straight posture.

However, the cotton-filled knee cushions do not prevent your knees from slipping forward when you sit slightly elevated cross-legged on a meditation cushion. For this we recommend the knee pads filled with buckwheat hulls.


Our knee pads are also very suitable as an extra small or flat meditation cushion for experienced yogis / meditators.


Size approx. 32 x 28 cm, height approx. 3 - 6 cm

Cotton twill with zip

Available in many different colours

Filling: buckwheat husks or cotton