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Ayurvedic incense sticks - Energy

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Ayurvedic incense Energy inspire your meditation

Ayurveda connects body, mind and soul through the five elements to a unity. If all elements are in balance, the being is healthy. Since time immemorial, scents from various herbal combinations have been assigned to the five elements. And so Ayurvedic incense can open the senses, calm the breath and help deepen meditation. Ayurvedic incense sticks have an intense, warm, lovely floral or slightly sweet scent. But these high quality Ayurvedic incense sticks, hand-rolled and dried from natural substances, are free of chemicals, smell unobtrusive and imperceptibly change the atmosphere in the room.

 The aromatic and gentle scent of this exclusive Indian incense can promote the atmosphere of willpower and introspection and is dedicated to the Ajna Chakra. Made from Indian laurel, sweet grass, Indian myrrh, anise and herbs, they can increase Vata.

Incense sticks of different origin

In our assortment we have incense sticks with different origins from the Himalayan region of Tibet and India. The Tibetan incense sticks have a rather strong "dark", slightly woody smell. In contrast, the Indian incense sticks smell rather flowery fresh, sweetish and stimulating. The production of these Ayurvedic incense sticks is done by an elaborate method called masala. Here, many different oils, resins, woods and herbs are mixed by hand into pastes, which are formed around a wooden stick and then dried in the air.

Ayurvedic incense sticks - simply try with sampler

Not sure which scent to choose or never tried Ayurvedic incense before? No problem! Then simply order our ayurvedic incense stick set. This way you can try all the varieties at your leisure and test which Indian incense sticks you like best. Each sample roll contains 2 sticks of the seven varieties offered here.

Each round box contains approx. 18 sticks

Burning time approx. 20 min.

Use stick holder with small hole

Made in India