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Incense Holder - Wood - Flower Shape

Diameter approx. 5 cm

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Incense holder as a blossom made of light wood.

Incense holders are a nice place for the incense ritual, the ash falls onto the coaster and can be easily disposed of. Depending on the type of fragrance used, a scent lingers in the room that can have a different effect.

Even without incense, they bring a pleasant and relaxed living and room atmosphere into your home.

Due to the different hole diameters, these incense holders are ideal for burning incense sticks in different designs.

In the middle there is a large hole with a metal frame, which is ideal for Tibetan incense sticks.

There are another 4 smaller holes in the holder that can be used for incense sticks with a wooden core.

This holder is turned from one piece of wood and then painted. In the middle there is a large opening for thick rolled incense sticks; thanks to the recess, the falling ash can be collected well.

Handmade in Nepal

Diameter approx. 5 cm

This holder is made from one piece of light wood.