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Japanese Incense Sticks Suzukaze

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Suzukaze stands for whispering wind  囁き 風

Japanese incense sticks Hikali Koh Classic are considered to be very high quality incense and are made without additives, only from natural materials traditionally in small manufactories. Their scent is not obtrusively flowery, but rather mild with herbs and woods. These incense sticks with their delicate fine fragrance serve to create the atmosphere of a room and expand the sensual consciousness. Suzukaze can be enjoyed especially well while listening to music, during contemplative relaxation or while resting.

Incense sticks of different origins

In our assortment we offer incense sticks with different origins from Japan, the Himalayan region of Tibet and India. The Tibetan incense sticks have a rather strong "dark", slightly woody smell. In contrast, the Indian incense sticks smell rather flowery, fresh, sweetish and stimulating. The production of these Japanese incense sticks follows a complex method. Many different oils, resins, woods and herbs are mixed into pastes by hand and formed without a wooden stick and then dried in the air.

The properties of Suzukaze incense sticks

  • Made from cinnamon blossoms, clove, nard (valerian plant) and various herbs
  • Each round box contains approx. 22 sticks
  • Without wood core, handmade, fragile
  • Net content: 18 g
  • Length approx. 20cm
  • Burning time approx. 20 min.
  • Use chopstick holder with small hole
  • Made in Japan