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Mala Bracelet JASPIS - brown/light blue

Jasper is said to give expectant mothers a harmonious pregnancy.

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Mala bracelet, with jasper and turquoise

Jasper is said to have a balancing effect on body, mind and soul. It can have a supporting effect in a therapy as well as a stabilising effect on the immune system.

According to old traditions, jasper is supposed to protect people from illness and purify the spirit, mind and heart. It has a positive effect on the kidneys, the blood, the bladder and the intestines, as well as the gall bladder, liver and stomach.

It is also said to give expectant mothers who wear it a pleasant and harmonious pregnancy.

The beads have a diameter of approx. 8 mm.


Size M

For medium to narrow wrists

Inner diameter unstretched: approx. 5.5 cm

Inner circumference unstretched: approx. 17 cm