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Mala Chain LAVA - black/brown

108 beads are individually knotted

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Elegant Mala Necklace with Tiger Eye and Lava Stone

This mala necklace with beads of tiger's eye and lava stone is simple and elegant at the same time. The mala has 108 individually knotted black and brown beads. It is provided with a black tassel. The diameter of the beads is approx. 7 mm.                                 

108 beads

Colour: black and brown

With black tassel

Double nylon band

Beads individually knotted

The meaning of a mala necklace

A mala is a prayer chain of beads of different qualities and designs used to facilitate the recitation of mantras and to count during a meditation practice. Counting the individual beads can also balance the rhythm of breathing and have a relaxing and calming effect. Similar to a rosary, the beads glide through the hand during the recitation and so the mantra can gradually unfold its effect. The conscious combination of high quality gemstone beads with suggested mantras creates a powerful synergistic force for healing, spiritual learning and well-being.

The different qualities of a mala

From time immemorial, seeds, e.g. radruksha seeds, have been used to make these necklaces; but beads for mala are also carved from the shell of the coconut or from wood. Only in more recent times, since various precious stones were recognised as more valuable, beads made of stones such as rose quartz, amethyst or turquoise are also used to make mala.

The tradition of a mala

From Hindu and Buddhist tradition, the mala has one hundred and eight beads and a "head bead". The number 108 is of great significance in both religious and mathematical terms. Many of the Hindu deities have 108 names. In astrology, nine planets circle through 12 signs of the zodiac and make up 108 meaningful basic constellations. In mathematics, the cross sum of 108 is 9 and the 108 is divisible by 12 different numbers. In the recitation of a mantra, the positive energy should only be able to unfold properly after 108 repetitions.