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Premium incense sticks - Sandal Jamuna

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Fragrant incense sticks made according to Indian tradition

The Sandal Jamuna have a well known and traditional, lush, subtle tangy scent of fine quality sandalwood with many subtle nuances of Malabarica and Kasturi.

The Premium Incense Sticks are an exquisite selection of traditional, natural, Indian incense sticks chosen for their outstanding fragrance notes.  The method of making these incense sticks is also called masala and they are often made from many exotic spices and blends of herbs, wood and resin. The pure scent of sandalwood, rose or jasmine, for example, has a very calming and relaxing effect on body and mind. Sticks from India contain a bamboo split. And so premium incense sticks can open the senses, calm the breath and help deepen meditation.

In our assortment we carry incense sticks with different origins from the Himalayan region of Tibet and India. The Tibetan incense sticks have a rather strong "dark", slightly woody smell. In contrast, the Indian incense sticks smell rather flowery, fresh, sweetish and stimulating. The production of these premium incense sticks follows an elaborate method called masala. Here, many different oils, resins, woods and herbs are mixed by hand into pastes, which are formed around a wooden stick and then dried in the air.

Premium incense sticks - easy to use

The premium incense sticks are rolled as a paste around a wooden stick, mostly made of bamboo, pressed and dried in the air. Therefore, an incense stick holder with a small hole in the middle is best suited for inserting the small thin wooden stick.

Each flat box contains approx. 21 sticks.

length approx. 20 cm

Burning time approx. 20 - 25 min.

Use chopstick holder with small hole