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A meditation bench for an upright, back-friendly sitting posture 

An excellent alternative to a meditation cushion, which is usually lower, soft and cuddly, is a wooden meditation bench. It is a raised, firm seat that helps you maintain an upright and relaxed posture during meditation. When choosing the right meditation bench, you should also take into account whether and how you suffer from complaints in your knee joints or hips. In these cases, you should opt for a high meditation bench, as you are more likely to adopt an easy sitting posture.

In our webshop, we offer you various types of meditation benches that meet different requirements for prolonged sitting.

We have meditation benches in our programme that have fixed sides and straight seats. We offer these benches in different heights, so that there is the right meditation bench for almost every body size. The lower edges of these meditation benches are rounded towards the front. This allows you to perfectly balance your upright sitting posture yourself so that you can sit for longer periods of time.

In addition, we have meditation benches in our range that have a bevelled seat and are cut straight at the lower edge of the sides. This gives you a firm and stable stand with these meditation benches, as the bench does not tilt forward and still allows you to sit upright due to the slanted seat.

Different variants for optimum seating comfort

The benches with sloping seats have either two sides flush on the outside or a central foot. You can use both versions of these benches in "cross-legged" as well as in knee-heel sitting.
The meditation bench with the two outer sides is a very stable seat base and is suitable for both sitting variations, but the knee-heel seat is better chosen with slender legs, as there is space for the legs between the sides.
The seat with a centre foot offers slightly thicker legs increased legroom due to the open sides. When you meditate on uneven ground (e.g. in nature), the single mid-foot offers more support and wobbling due to an uneven height of the legs is avoided.

The right height of a meditation bench

Of course, your own height also plays a decisive role in choosing the right meditation bench. The meditation benches in our range start at a height of 19 cm and are sufficient at this height for people with a body height of less than 1.80m. Meditation benches of 21 cm or more are intended for meditators over 1.80 metres tall, or for people with slight limitations in the knees or hips.
For these people we have developed a meditation bench that is height adjustable. You can easily adjust the meditation bench VARIO to your needs and height and try out for yourself which height suits you best. The three possible heights vary from 16 to 25 cm, which allows you to flexibly design your sitting position.