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Yoga Half Moon 12cm, purple

The yoga half moon cushion in purple is the ideal seat cushion for those who prefer sitting with crossed legs.

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The Yogamoon in purple for Crossed Legs

This Yoga Half Moon 12cm, purple is classic among the half-moon meditation cushions. In spite of the smaller sitting space (compared to our round meditation cushions), it offers a high sitting comfort, because through its form the feet can be crossed and find enough space for relaxed sitting in front of the pubic bone. It is a meditation cushion for people who can either sit well with crossed legs but still need a higher sitting foundation or for people who cannot sit in the heel-fit but do not have any problems sitting with crossed legs.

Long Sitting in Meditation to Relax

Due to its ergonomic form you quickly find into the right sitting position with this cushion. The spine is slightly bent forward and thus you can stay in an upright position for a longer time and enjoy meditation. While sitting, pay attention that your knees touch the floor if possible. Then you have a stable sitting position which touches the floor respectively the cushion on three points.

We Pay Attention to Quality

With this type of cushion, you can meditate optimally and satisfactorily. We use for the Yoga cushion a hard-wear and long-lasting cotton twill made of pure cotton. Production of this cushion is done in a very solid way and makes the cushion durable so that you will be able to enjoy it for a long time.

Find the suitable Color

The Yoga sitting cushion is a classical meditation cushion which we offer in many different colors. Therefore, the color that suits you will certainly be among these colors, to give your meditation room or  yoga studio a pleasant touch of color.

The Qualities of this Yoga Cushion in purple

With only 2,1 kg weight, this meditation cushion is pleasantly light and easy to handle. The kink has an ornamental border; with it, the cushion can easily be transported. The zipper is down below, square to the cushion. For washing you can take off the cover. A separate inlet is filled with buckwheat husks or spelt and closed with a zipper. Thus you have the opportunity to adjust the cushion any time to your sitting habits by taking off filling material.

  • Size sitting space, 42x10cm; height 12cm
  • Kink with border
  • Zipper below (across)
  • With separate inlet
  • Filling with buckwheat
  • Cover washable at 30 °C
  • Weight ca. 2,1 kg
  • Made by people with disabilities