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A shopping voucher for our yoga online store as a gift for your sweetheart, for a friend, is individual and incredibly easy to buy online here. Enter your desired amount above the shopping cart icon. Minimum value: 5€

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Gift voucher - giving makes joy

Are you still looking for a gift for a friend, but haven't found one yet? There are many gift ideas, but which one is the right one? What is the gift that will make your loved one happy? We recommend that you browse through these pages. Get inspired by our range of yoga and meditation items for your gift voucher! If you need any help, just give us a call; we'll be happy to help!

One advantage of choosing a gift voucher is that the recipient can choose an item from our extensive range themselves. So you don't have to rack your brains over which gift might be the right one.

Another advantage of a voucher as a gift for the presentee is the flexibility. They can choose the desired redemption date themselves, so you don't have to know in advance when she or he has time. Even if this surprise doesn't hit the mark, a voucher as a gift is ideal for many recipients.

A gift voucher is the easy choice

If you would like to give an item of your choice as a gift voucher, proceed as follows.

1. choose one or more articles from our assortment

2. note the price

3. enter the value of the goods or your desired amount under >Voucher amount

4. click > Add to shopping cart

5. in the shopping cart you can go to the checkout and pay by PayPal or credit card

6. you will receive a printable PDF with the voucher code and the chosen amount by email.


Please redeem the voucher value in full when shopping. Any remaining credit is not transferable to other orders and cannot be paid out.