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Yoga Belt - Grey

Size: 38 mm x 2,5 m

Product number: Z11400128

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Yoga belt in grey improves posture

With the yoga belt you can optimise many yoga postures and improve and support your posture, even and especially if you are not yet very practised in yoga. But always make sure that you have your yoga teacher show you how to use this excellent aid beforehand. This will help you prevent injuries. Otherwise you will very quickly lose your enjoyment of yoga and that would be a great pity.

Yoga aids for stretching and stretching

With the belt you can extend your arms in various exercises during forward bends or backward bends. The exercise is supported, you can stay longer in the asana and your muscles are gently stretched and prepared for the next sequence. Over time you will notice the progress, the strap will be adjusted shorter and shorter via the buckles until at some point you no longer need it.  

The yoga belt reduces the risk of injury

The length of the strap offered here is usually sufficient to support all yoga exercises. You will become more experienced and flexible in using the yoga strap over time. This increases safety and reduces the risk of injury.

Features of the yoga strap

Due to its length of 2.50 m you have enough reach to extend your hands and arms even in demanding positions so that you can stay longer in the respective posture. The belt is made of 100% cotton and feels pleasant due to its naturalness. The cotton absorbs the sweat of the hands and releases it into the air, thus preventing the yoga belt from slipping. If necessary, the belt can be washed in the washing machine at approx. 30°C.