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Shoulder stand plate - cork

Size: 305mm x 205mm x 50mm

Product number: U14903050

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Perfect your yoga practice - with a shoulder stand board

With the shoulder stand plate made of cork, you have a natural tool at hand with which you can refine your yoga practice. This yoga aid is used in many yoga schools not only by beginners, but also by advanced yoga practitioners. By permanently practicing with this cork board, you will expand your yoga practice over time and will notice an enormous progress in your yoga exercises.

Shoulder stand plates are a professional, lightweight aid

With the shoulder stand plate you have an effective tool at hand that you can use perfectly in the demanding yoga exercise of the shoulder stand. As you practice, simply try out how many shoulder stand plates you will need to perform this exercise optimally. You can softly pad the shoulders with an additional cotton blanket and thus cushion the pressure slightly, so that you are able to hold the exercise even longer.

Features of the shoulder stand plate cork

The surface of this shoulder stand plate made of cork has a good grip and prevents it from slipping away on a good yoga mat. This is very important so that no injuries occur, particularly in the area of ​​the cervical spine, which is excellently supported with this fixed shape of the shoulder stand plate. Due to the solid design, this cork board can absorb an enormous amount of pressure without giving in. The surface absorbs little moisture, so the cork board can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. With a shoulder stand plate you create security in the shoulder stand and thus support your physical and mental well-being.

        Dimensions: 305 x 205 x 50mm
        Natural cork
        Recyclable, washable
        Weight: 0.7 kg
        Easy to clean