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Shoulder stand plate - hard foam, red

Size: 305 x 205 x 50 mm

Product number: U15903008

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Take the strain off your cervical spine with the shoulder stand plate red made of EVA foam

This shoulder stand plate offers practical and helpful support for some positions like shoulder stand or plough etc. The yoga block supports your shoulders in positions like shoulder stand (Salamba Sarvangasana) or plough (Halasana) and thus noticeably relieves your cervical spine.

You can also use the flat yoga block as a sitting support or in yoga poses where you need a little elevation. Try out for yourself how many shoulder stand plates you need for your exercises. We recommend at least 2 for shoulder stand and plough.

Material: EVA hard foam - foam rubber made of natural and synthetic rubber

Dimensions: 305 x 205 x 50 mm

Washable & recyclable

Package content: 1 Yoga Block

Brand: Bodynova