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Yoga Bolster RELAX 58 x Ø22cm - red

The yoga bolster for stretching the chest or simply for relaxing, filled firmly or softly according to your needs.

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The round yoga bolster in red is firm and cuddly

The yoga bolster medium is an ideal support cushion to relax comfortably in different asanas without overstraining the body. Stretches are supported and you do not run the risk of exceeding your own physical limits. This round bolster, whether filled with organic spelt husks or cotton, is also ideal as a seat cushion.

Who is this red yoga cushion suitable for?

The yogabolster relax 58 x Ø22cm in red is not only ideal for yoga, but also for Pilates or during meditation exercises. It provides optimal support when you place the pillow lengthwise under your back, e.g. in Shavasana, to deepen relaxation and open the heart chakra. You can also use it as a seat cushion in the knee-heel position between the buttocks and the calf bone. This relieves the spine, gives you a comfortable support and you can relax excellently. You can also use this cushion in children's yoga for lying or sitting positions. The cotton filling makes it cuddly and soft; the spelt filling makes it firm and provides stability.

A high quality yoga accessory

With this yoga cushion, we offer you a durable yoga accessory that you will be completely satisfied with. It is available in four different beautiful Indian patterns that originated in Rajasthan. The cover can be easily zipped off and washed, so you'll always have a clean cushion.

The advantages of the yoga cushion?

We use high quality and durable canvas covers for this yoga accessory. It has a separate ticking filled with pure cotton or organic spelt husks.  The cotton is supple and adapts wonderfully to the sitting or lying position. With this yoga cushion, you can assume many body postures in yoga in a relaxed and relaxed manner. 

    Cover: cotton canvas with zip and handle, washable at 30°C

    Ticking: cotton canvas with zip

    Filling: pure cotton; weight approx. 2 kg

    Filling: organic spelt husks; weight approx. 3 kg