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Yoga Bolster small, 40 x Ø16cm - black

The yoga bolster small in black is a practical aid that is now also popular in yoga as a small bolster for stretching the chest.

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A small yoga roll in black with tradition

The yoga cushion small is also often used as a meditation cushion for sitting on the heels in the Zen tradition. Both lengthwise between the legs and crosswise between the upper and lower leg, the seat cushion can be used excellently due to its shape. This yoga roll has also been developed for those people who have difficulty meditating in the traditional cross-legged position. Even people with thicker legs have the possibility to use this traditional Zen roll while sitting on their heels.

Meditation cushion or small bolster

The small yoga bolster is a practical aid that is now also popular in yoga as a small bolster for stretching the chest. But this bolster is also very suitable as a support during breathing exercises while lying down or as a neck support. With the handle loop, the roll can be easily transported. This means that this aid is indispensable in yoga as well as in meditation and you can use it flexibly according to your sitting or meditation habits.

Enjoy durable quality

We use a hard-wearing and durable cotton twill cover made of pure cotton for the yoga bolster small. The workmanship of the fabric is very solid and makes the yoga bolster durable, so you will enjoy it for a long time. The zip is semi-concealed on the long side and can be easily opened to refill with filling material. To wash the cover, simply transfer the buckwheat husks into a container and turn it inside out.

A wide range of colours

As a Zen scroll traditionally in Za Zen, the colour black is chosen. However, depending on the use, whether as a Zen roll or as a yoga bolster, and depending on the room layout, you also have the option of choosing between five strong colours, depending on availability.

The features of the yoga bolster - small

The yoga bolster small is filled directly with buckwheat hulls and has no ticking. The buckwheat husk filling makes the meditation cushion firm and flexible at the same time, so that you can adapt the bolster perfectly to your lying or sitting habits. The buckwheat hulls make the yoga bolster soft and flexible.

Diameter Ø16 cm, length 40 cm

Handle loop and Zip

Without ticking

Filling with buckwheat hulls

Cover washable at 30°C

Weight approx. 1,8 kg.

Made by people with disabilities