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Yoga mat new wool, 90x200cm, natural

The yoga mat made of virgin wool with non-slip latex backing is pleasantly warm, protects against the cold of the floor and is ideally suited for gentle yoga styles. Made in EU.

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New wool mat in natural 90cm width for an absolute sense of wellbeing

Our new wool mat in 90x200cm meets all quality requirements if you are looking for a natural yoga mat. The pure new wool ensures a pleasant body feeling and conveys softness and warmth. The non-slip underside gives stability and conveys safety in the exercises.

A new wool mat in natural consists of natural materials

If you value natural materials, this virgin wool mat is a suitable companion at hand. If you surround yourself with yoga accessories made of natural materials, you also want to take a more conscious path in your life. Yoga and nature are almost inextricably linked, as working with yoga leads us to the roots of being.

The new wool is simply ideal for practicing yoga. In gentle exercises it accompanies you comfortably warm and gently cushioning, in more strenuous exercise sequences the new wool can absorb the sweat and simply release it into the room air after practicing. Nevertheless, the new wool retains its natural properties, such as temperature-regulating and self-cleaning. The non-slip underside won't let you down, regardless of whether you practice lying down or standing.

Our New wool mat in natural inspires

The New wool used in this yoga mat is from live sheep. The wool is obtained in spring by shearing the sheep before the sheep naturally lose their wool. Then the wool is washed, combed into a fleece and woven into long mats with a polyester fabric. Then the non-slip back made of a latex-acrylic resin mixture is sprayed on. The natural character of the wool is retained, which is why the mat should never be cleaned in the washing machine and with hot water, otherwise the wool will become matted.

The top is a knitted pile, 100% virgin wool in the pile with a polyester backing fabric (not dyed), made from STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified materials.
The properties of the new wool mat at a glance
  • Upper side: pure new wool, pile height approx. 16 mm, STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified 40679 OETI (No.RM015150441.1)
  • Backing material 100% polyester fabric
  • Edged at the edges with 100% polyester velvet ribbon or 100% cotton fabric ribbon
  • Weight: total weight approx. 1300 g / m² / pile weight approx. 700 g / m² - total mat from 2.0 kg depending on the size
  • Underside: 50% natural latex, 18% PU and 32% acrylic resin
  • Size: 75 x 200cm or 90 x 200cm
  • Hand wash only