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Yoga mat set studio - blue

This practical yoga set is the tried and tested beginner's yoga set for all those who would like to start yoga well equipped. A non-slip, studio-quality yoga mat in combination with a yoga belt and a yoga block are your new all-round package.

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Yoga mat set for beginners in blue

consisting of a yoga mat studio with strap, a yoga belt and a yoga block.

With this yoga mat set, every yogi and yogini is well equipped for their first yoga class. It contains the standard accessories that a yoga beginner needs. A yoga mat Studio, 183 x 61 cm, in a good price-performance ratio, a professional yoga belt, 2.5 m long, and a professional cork block, 230 x 120 x 75 mm, round off the set. You can also choose a colour combination from many different variations. The colour and design of the strap varies.

Yoga mat plus accessories in a set at a lower price

If you choose one of the sets offered here, you automatically save approx. 10% compared to the individual prices of these yoga items.

The set consists of:

    PVC yoga mat Studio made of vinyl foam 183x60cm, thickness 4.5cm
    Yoga block KORK
    Yoga belt
    Retaining strap for yoga mat (design may vary)

PVC yoga mat Premium including strap

This PVC studio mat offers you good stability despite its thickness of only 4.5mm due to the enormous material density. It also has a relatively non-slip surface for PVC mats. The 4.5 mm thick material is particularly dense, stretchy and shock-absorbing. We guarantee absolute durability, low abrasion and functionality.

The mats are free of phthalates (softeners), environmentally friendly and have Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification. This means they are skin-friendly for small children and babies.

    PVC yoga mat made of vinyl foam
    ÖKO TEX certified
    Made in Germany
    Dimensions: 183x60cm
    thickness 4,5mm
    Weight: approx. 1,4kg
    Material: vinyl foam with PES/glass yarn fabric
    Machine washable up to 30 °C

Yoga belt

Due to its length of 2.50m you have enough reach to extend your hands and arms even in demanding positions so that you can stay longer in the respective posture. The belt is made of 100% cotton and feels pleasant due to its naturalness. The cotton absorbs the sweat of the hands and releases it into the air, thus preventing the yoga belt from slipping. If necessary, the belt can be washed in the washing machine at approx. 30°C.

    Size: length 2,50m x width of the belt 3,8cm
    Material: 100 % pure cotton
    Metal ring closure
    Washable at 30°C
    Easy to store

Cork block

The cork yoga block is a traditional yoga aid, which was first made into what it is today by B.K.S. Iyengar. Today, the yoga block is used in almost all yoga schools - even those that are not bound to tradition - as an aid to support the exercise sequences. In meditations, a yoga block serves as a firm seat.

    Size: 230x120x75mm
    Weight: approx. 560 gram
    Made of natural cork
    Rounded edges
    Easy to clean